Raising The Stakes

Bob and Shirley Fletcher have moved upmarket but stretched themselves to the limit financially. When Shirley loses her job disaster looms but relief comes in the unlikely form of Clark, their new Irish lodger.

Clark, however, is not what he seems and when Bob discovers he’s having an affair with both their daughter Suzie and Shirley’s sister Dolores all hell breaks lose.  A hilarious farce, Raising The Stakes is the second play in the Fletcher family trilogy.

Raising The Stakes premiered at the Customs House, South Shields in March 2004. It returned in October 2010 as part of the theatre’s 15th anniversary celebrations



“…the woman next to me was weeping as she rocked back and forth with laughter” The Journal

“very, very funny…you will leave the theatre feeling brighter” Shields Gazette

“an avalanche of one-liners… the frenetic finale left the audience in stitches” Evening Chronicle

“hilarious… the auditorium was ready to explode” Sunderland Echo

“a faultless example of comedy at its best” What’s On Stage