Son of Samurai

A young Geordie shoe salesman discovers he’s the descendant of a Samurai warrior.

Mild-mannered Jackie Day never thought he’d end up working in a shoe shop – it’s not exactly the macho lifestyle that young Geordies aspire to. Still, at least it means he gets to spend time with Julie, his sexy but out-of-reach supervisor.

He’d like to ask her out but, well, you know…

What Jackie needs is a mentor, someone who can inspire him to spot an opportunity and give him the nerve to grab it with both hands.

Enter Akira, a philosophy-spouting descendant of a Samurai warrior.

Armed with a sword and a library of Japanese homilies reflecting the spirit of Bushido – the Way of the Warrior – Akira seeks to bring out the inner man in Jackie.

Son of Samurai was written as a radio play but having fallen at the final hurdle of the BBC’s arcane selection process it was transformed into a radio play performed on stage, with the actors in tuxedos, old-fashioned microphones and the actors and audience providing the sound effects. It premiered at the Customs House in September 2007 and in 2008 played at the prestigious Latitude Festival before embarking on a North East tour


“Excellent… a great night’s entertainment with huge laughs and a really poignant story” Newcastle Evening Chronicle

“One of the best performances I’ve seen in a while with laughs all the way through” Sunderland Echo

“Top notch – laugh out loud funny – a superb piece of theatre” Shields Gazette

“The quality of the material and the performers shone through – highly recommended” Newcastle Journal