Back on the writing treadmill

Posted on: November 12th, 2010 by Trevor | No Comments

It’s been an exciting if slightly unreal time having three plays on in a row at the same venue. Barely a day has gone by since the beginning of September when we haven’t either had a play in rehearsal or actually on stage.

All three plays, Good to Firm, Raising The Stakes and Photo Finish, received great reviews and audiences have clearly enjoyed what they’ve been seeing. The Customs House audience is pretty special and definitely know how to have a good time. We were lucky enough to involve Mark Wingett, Russell Floyd and Jack Milner in the run, all of them working at the Custom House for the first time, and to a man they’ve been amazed by the warmth of the audience.

Anyway, the excitement’s over for now and it’s time for us to put some serious  time into a few new writing projects. With the current funding crisis it’s getting more and more difficult to get people to take a chance on new plays and new writing in general so we’re planning to spend the next six months to a year working on new material so that when (if?) the financial situation improves we’ll have plenty of things to tempt producers with. We’ve got a few ideas for films and sitcoms that we’ve wanted to work on for a while so now seems a good time. Most writers barely make a living at the best of times so its particularly hard in the current climate and we’re lucky that Dirty Dusting is still proving popular around the world – a New Zealand tour is on the cards for 2011 – and helps to keep the wolf from the door.

Given the difficulties it was great to see Fiona Evans’ new play The Price of Everything in Scarborough recently. The Stephen Joseph Theatre’s very impressive and it’s brilliant that they’ve taken a chance on a new play. Judging by the size and reaction of the matinee audience on the day I went the gamble’s paid off handsomely. Let’s hope other theatre manager’s can hold their nerve and follow suit – maybe one day we’ll see a new play by a North East-based writer actually open in Newcastle!

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