A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Durham 


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Durham is an irreverent and anarchic take on the story of the Lindisfarne Gospels. A sketch-based play, featuring around 40 characters played by just three actors,  AFTHOTWTD  covers more than 1400 years of English history in just 90 hilarious minutes and includes encounters with many famous historical [...]

Amazing Grace 


Local girl Grace Armstrong sets out to make a film about her idol Grace Darling but things don’t turn out quite how she expects.

It’s Grim Up North 


A radio sitcom which follows the exploits of a group of dodgy Roman auxiliary soldiers building Hadrian’s Wall in AD126

Cinderella 2 


Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy who were very much in love. The girl was poor but the boy didn’t care – she was kind and beautiful and he knew she was the girl for him. Unfortunately the girl didn’t know she was in love – she thought the boy [...]

Photo Finish 


The third instalment in the Fletcher family trilogy. Bob and Shirley are shocked when their daughter Susie brings her new fiancee home.

Alf Ramsey Knew My Grandfather 


The greatest true-life football story ever told.

Son of Samurai 


A young Geordie shoe salesman discovers he’s the descendant of a Samurai warrior.

Maggie’s End 


The death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has resurrected the bitter divides of the 1980s. As half the country mourns the other half celebrates with undisguised glee. However, when the newly-crowned Labour Prime Minister announces a state funeral for the late PM the parties stop – a sense of outrage grips those communities worst affected by the Thatcher years.

The Revengers 


A darkly funny tale about a former TV sex symbol fallen on hard times.

Waiting For Gateaux 


The health club where you can have your cake and eat it!

Raising The Stakes 


Bob and Shirley Fletcher have moved upmarket but stretched themselves to the limit financially. When Shirley loses her job disaster looms but relief comes in the unlikely form of Clark, their new Irish lodger.

Dirty Dusting 


Three elderly cleaning ladies start up a telephone sex line.

Good To Firm 


Do you ever forget your first love? A fast-moving comedy about headaches, heartaches and horse-racing.