Film & Television


Ed and Trevor’s screenplay, The Liquidator,  which tells the story of a hitman who eliminates leading figures in the financial world in revenge for his wife’s suicide, won the Gotham Screen International Film Festival award for Best Comedy Screenplay in 2010 and was also shorlisted for the Best Screenplay award. The black comedy previously won the Northern Film and Media’s Script Bursary competition. They are actively seeking a producer who can take it into development.

Ed and Trevor have two films in development with Ipso Facto films:

Hark the Herald Angel is a romantic comedy in which a Hollywood star returns to his native England to save his old primary school from closure by appearing in a re-run of the nativity play he starred in as a child. His return causes as many problems as it solves as old rivalries and lovers re-surface

Dead Ringer for Love is a comedy in which two slightly dodgy producers persuade a famous but ageing rock star to do a farewell tour. Their problems begin when he drops dead after the opening night and they have to find a look-alike to replace him for the rest of the tour. The title is obviously dependant on Meat Loaf agreeing to do it (come on Meat, um, Mr Loaf, we’ve asked you nicely).  A previous working title was It’s Not Unusual (no prizes for guessing who we were after then). Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.


Ed and Trevor have two sitcoms in development.

Silver Acres, which is set in a gated community, is being developed with Aficianado Films, based in Glasgow. It was being developed for BBC1 but following the usual nightmare of development hell and regularly changing producers they are now seeking a different outlet.

It’s Grim Up North, is set in a milecastle on the not-quite-finished Hadrian’s Wall in AD 126. A group of dishevelled auxiliary troops try to cope with the terrible weather, abysmal living conditions and assaults from the barbaric neighbouring Picts.