Dirty Dusting

Three elderly cleaning ladies start up a telephone sex line.

When three cleaners, Olive, Gladys and Elsie, are threatened with redundancy they feel that their lives are coming to an end until a chance wrong number gives them a new business start-up idea – why not run a telephone sex line? They’ve got motive, opportunity and a lifetime of experience – some more than others, mind you.

Provided Elsie can teach the other two a few new tricks there’s no reason why they can’t get rich quick providing they can keep their operation a secret from their bosses… and their husbands…and their children…and their grandchildren.

A searing indictiment of ageism in the 21st Century heavily disguised as a hysterical, laugh-out-loud, heartwarming comedy

Dirty Dusting premiered at the Customs House, South Shields in February 2003 and hasn’t stopped since. Two runs at Newcastle Theatre Royal were followed by tours of Scotland, England and Ireland, including a month-long run at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin. It has returned to Scotland and Ireland on several occasions and recently toured New Zealand and Australia. It has recently been released to the amateur market and is provingly to be very popular. It recently played to packed audiences in the Isle of Man and is heading for Spain next year





“Hilarious… a real winner” Sunderland Echo

“ A hoot from start to finish” Northern Echo

“Superb entertainment… the audience were weeping with laughter” The British Theatre Guide

“The standing ovation said it all…it brought the house down” Evening Chronicle

“Full of brilliant one-liners, rude, crude and downright funny” Shields Gazette

“A real cracker… a laugh-out-loud audience pleaser” The Journal

“A great piece of feel-good entertainment with widespread appeal – it has so much heart you can’t help but be won over” The Metro

“a gag count as full as an office cleaner’s hoover bag” Glasgow Evening Times

“ hilarious – ‘The Steamie’ for a new generation” UK Theatre Network

“so stuffed with jokes and double entendres it’s easy to imagine George Formby cackling in the wings” The Scotsman

“comic delight.. the audience’s laughter grows and grows.” edinburghguide.com

“hilarious… one of the supreme moments of stage comedy” Edinburgh Evening News

“it’s easy to see why this mould-breaking comedy is such a hit” Blackpool Gazette

“surges of great comedy throughout” www.rte.ie

“side-splittingly funny with howls of laughter ringing around the theatre” Waterford Today

“one of the funniest shows you will see this year” Daily Ireland

“the first night audience fell for every line” BBC Derby

“the laughs come fast and furious” BBC Norfolk

“a fast-moving and riotously funny show” BBC Birmingham

“brought screams of hysterical laughter from the audience as well as thunderous applause” Manchester Evening News

“the humour is quite irresistible” BBC Liverpool

“hilarious” Birmingham Mail

“makes men look stupid” Liverpool Daily Post

“what a crowd pleaser” Otago Daily Times

“it is cheering to see a play unashamedly celebrating the gutsy charm of older women” www.theatreview.org.nz

“classic comedy fare – rapid fire wit, visual gags and fun galore keep the audience roaring with laughter” The Star – Dunedin

“the Carry-On style humour easily won the hearts of the audience” Liverpool Daily Post

“brings waves of laughter from all those who witness it” The Stage

“caused uproar amongst a full capacity auditorium… just genius” What’s On Stage Liverpool

“a top show that earned every second of its opening night standing ovation” Highland News

“an incredible pace that had the audience screaming with laughter” Isle of Man Today