One show finishes, another one starts

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There’s always a sense of anti-climax once a production has finished. Several weeks of growing excitement reaches a wonderful climax (oo-er madam) and is suddenly replaced by a vacuum. Normally this lasts for quite a while but with Raising the Stakes going into rehearsal on Monday we don’t really have time to mope.

The final performance of Good To Firm at the Customs House on Saturday was a joy. A full house, terrific performances and a clearly delighted audience, what more could you ask? There are a couple of posts on the Customs House Facebook page which sum up the reaction. The cast did a brilliant job and the whole thing was put together superbly by the director Mark Wingett and the Production Co-ordinator Jackie Fielding.

Mark was working at the Customs House for the first time but you would never have known it, he’s a real gentleman and has charmed everyone there. I’m certain he’ll be back in the future. It was lovely to see his family in the audience on Saturday night and I’m sure they enjoyed the rest of their weekend in the North East as they headed off to Seaham Hall for a bit of luxury pampering.

Jackie is overseeing all three plays in the trilogy, she’s a real perfectionist  – the copy of the Daily Mirror  used in the play was the actual edition from Grand National Day in 2003 when the play the set. Such attention to detail undoubtedly made Mark’s job much easier, giving him less to think about and the chance to work more closely with the actors.

There was a bit of a Maggie’s End reunion on Saturday as Melanie Hill came to see the show. Mel starred with Mark in the London production of the play and it was great to get together again. Despite her Sunderland roots she’s a grand lass! Mel’s coming back to the North East in October to start rehearsals for Inheritance, a new play at Live Theatre in Newcastle

We’ve now got a handful of days to actually try and do some writing before the next production starts and have to work out what our priorities are. We’ve got a couple of film ideas we want to develop and an idea for a new play that we’ve started to kick around but the BBC have just announced a new sitcom competition that has a very tight deadline which we might just have something for. Decisions, decisions.

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