Two down, one to go

Posted on: October 12th, 2010 by Trevor | No Comments

Raising the Stakes completed its run in fine style on Saturday night as the cast pulled out all the stops in front of a packed Customs House audience.

The second play in the Bob and Shirley trilogy has been a big success, exceeding our expectations in the way it’s connected with the audience this time around. As someone posted on Facebook ‘it would be great if we could put the Customs House audience in a big bus and take them around to all the other venues.”  They’re definitely a breed apart, enthusiastic, responsive and always ready for a good time.  The last night of a run there always seems to bring a packed house.

We didn’t have too much time to enjoy the success as rehearsals for the brand new third play in the trilogy, Photo Finish, began on the following Monday. Ray Spencer, Angela Szalay and Jill Dellow barely had time to get back into the real world before they were back in character again, this time joined by our old friend Russell Floyd, former star of Eastenders and The Bill, who we first worked with when he was in the London production of Maggie’s End.

Russell had time for a quick reunion with Mark Wingett, who was also in Maggie’s End, before Mark finally headed back to London having spent far longer in the North East than he’d originally intended. To complete the connection, Jack Milner, who directed the pair in that production,  is taking the helm for Photo Finish.

The nerves are always greater with a brand new play as you can never be absolutely sure that you’ve got it right until you put it in front of an audience but judging from the readthrough on Monday we’re in for a lot of fun over the next few weeks.

The opening night is a world premiere and there are plans afoot for a red carpet, a vip reception for anyone dressing in a tuxedo and the paparazzi are on standby! Don’t miss it.

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