Sunday for Sammy

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Trevor | No Comments

The highlight of Ed and Trevor’s year will undoubtedly be their involvement in Sunday For Sammy, the all-star charity night which raises money for up-and-coming artists from the North East.

This year they wrote several sketches for the show this year including an I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here spoof which starred the wonderful trio of Denise Welch, Angie Lonsdale and Charlie Hardwick with some special guest appearances from Brendan Healy, Billy Mitchell, Ray Laidlaw and Charlie Lawson (the famous Jim McDonald from Coronation Street). They also wrote a series of short Emmerdale sketches which also starred Charlie Hardwick, alongside two other stars of the long-running soap, Laura Norton and Chelsea Halfpenny.  Their highlight however was ‘Bobby Elliot’, an affectionate spoof of Billy Elliot, which went down a storm in the City Hall thanks to great performances from Chris Ramsey, Laura Norton, Joe Caffrey and Pete Peverley. You can see the whole of this fantastic sketch by clicking here.

It’s the second time running that Ed and Trevor have been involved in the show and one of their sketches from the 2012 show, Speed Dating, also starring the inimitable Charlie Hardwick is also available on YouTube by clicking here.

“It’s a total privelige to be involved in one of the highlight’s of the Geordie calendar,” said Ed. “I’d like to thank Ray Laidlaw, Geoff Wonfor, Billy Mitchell and Brendan Healy for all their help and support but mainly for letting us play a small part in a fantastic night.”

The dvd for this year’s event, which is now available to buy here, also features an ‘Auf Wiedersen Pet’ sketch  set on Hadrian’s Wall. Tim Healy, Kevin Whately and Christopher Fairbank were joined in this tale of Roman bricklaying by Denise Welch, Julia Tobin, Peter Peverley, Lesley Saint John, Pam Royle, Ingrid Hageman and Jeff Brown in addition to North East sport legends Bobby Moncur, Brendan Foster and Glenn McCrory. All were kept in check by the Emperor’s Tribune, played with gusto by the inimitable and hilarious Brendan Healy.

Early in the show Billy Mitchell gave the audience a short history of Sunday for Sammy before introducing Sammy newcomer  Jason Cook (Hebburn). Comedian Steve Womack and songwriter Pete Scott had the audience in stitches, Chelsea Halfpenny performed stunning duets with her auntie Jill and Billy’s son Tom Mitchell, the Kids from Sage gave us a glimpse of the future and Sunday for Sammy grantee Immy Williams sang one of her outstanding songs.