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Posted on: August 19th, 2010 by Trevor | 1 Comment

So we finally got our own website – and isn’t it grand!  As self-confessed technophobes it’s yet another big step into the unknown for us – now that Ed’s learned how to switch his Blackberry on we were ready for another challenge. Big thanks to Adam and Paul for all their hard work.

This has ‘gone live’ (see, we’ve already got the lingo cracked) just in time as we’ve got a lot of stuff coming up.  Our first ever play Good to Firm gets a long overdue return to the Customs House in early September, with the original stars Ray Spencer and Angela Szalay, closely followed by its sequel, Raising The Stakes in October.

Both of our wives still think that GTF is our best play which is a bit depressing as we’re now working on our tenth play and like to think we’ve learned a little bit along the way. The most likely explanation for their view is that their levels of expectation for the first one were so low that they were stunned by our surprising level of competence .  Not that it isn’t brilliant mind.

These two will be followed by the brand new, third play in the trilogy, Photo Finish, in November which will not only have Ray and Angela onboard but the brilliant former Eastenders star Russell Floyd.  Russell appeared in our play Maggie’s End in London and we’ve been desperate to work with him again so it’s great that we’ve managed to lure him to the North East (first contract we’ve ever seen with free beer and Gregg’s cheese pasties in it.)

And Russell’s not the only Maggie’s End connection with the trilogy as we’re also bringing up the splendid and clearly versatile Mark Wingett (best known as DI Carver in The Bill) to direct Good To Firm.  Mark worked very hard on his Geordie accent for his part in Maggie and it will be interesting to see if he’s brave enough to try it out on the locals in Shields.

And that’s not all, our long-awaited (certainly by us and hopefully some of you too) new play God Only Knows, which we’ve been working on for a couple of years (big thanks to Cloud Nine for all their help in development) is finally hitting the stage in February 2011 thanks to the ever-supportive Simon Stallworthy at Durham Gala.

Can’t wait! Watch this space for further details.

Trevor and Ed

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  1. Kathleen Morris says:

    My friend and I visited Customs house last night to see your play Good to Firm! We have visited the customs house many times previously over the last 2/3 years but first time to see this play which we both really enjoyed!! What a good laugh we had and are now looking forward to the other two plays in the trilogy which I’m sure will be just as good!!
    Trevor introduced himself to us in the green room afterwards which we thought was a lovely touch as it is very obvious that the audience is VERY IMPORTANT to you! We support my niece Laura Norton when she has appeared over the years either at the Customs House or Live Theatre so we now how much time and effort and heart and soul goes ito the performances: – SO A BIG THANK YOU AND WELL DONE TO ALL!!!! Kind regards
    Kathleen Morris and Sylvia Harris

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